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A Portrait of Self

I don’t know. I think I’ll write something. Or sculpt something. Or maybe I will just collect some objects - they have really interesting things to say, you know. I like making conversation with them from time to time. But after that I still don’t know what I’m going to do. Perhaps I’ll perform something. But then again, when am I not performing? These days I'm at a loss as to where life ends and performance begins. Surely it's more fluid than our Apothecary dictates. What to do. What to do. Maybe I’ll go to therapy. 


If you want, you can pick me up in London. Around 4 o’clock. 


Maybe I will. Can you see my hands in the mirror?


You think they are pretty? 

Yes. Very pretty. 

And do you like my palms?


And my knuckles too? 

Yes. I love your knuckles.  

And the back of my hands? 

The back of your hands, too. 

Can you see my fingers in the mirror?


You think I have cute fingernails? 

Yes, precious.

Shall I get down on my hands? 

No, it’s not necessary.

And my scars. Do you like them? 

Yes, they drive me crazy. 


All of them? The abortion? The sexual assault? 


All of them.


Gently, Abbie. Not so hard. 

I’m sorry, Abbie.

Which do you like better. My scars or my hands? 

I don’t know. I like them the same.  

You like my adrenal glands? 


They don’t seem triangular enough to me. And do you like my eyes?


And my brain? 


All of it? My frontal lobe, my temporal lobe, my parietal lobe, my occipital lobe?  

Yes, everything,  

Then you love me, the artist, the person, totally.  

I love you, the writer, the sculptor, the performer, totally, tenderly, tragically.  

Me too, Abbie. What about the lawyer? Do you love her too?


Not as much as the artist. I can’t seem to recall her face.


Me neither, really.



  2024     M.A. Fine Art                        Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, London, UK


  2023     Graduate Diploma Fine Art            Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, London, UK

  2021     M.A. Law.                            University of Cambridge, Queens' College, UK

  2018     Postgraduate Diploma Legal Practice  BPP University London, UK

  2017     B.A. Law                             University of Cambridge, Queens' College, UK



         Unbound                               Chelsea Library, London 


         Test-drive                            The Triangle and Cookhouse Gallery, London

         FavArte                               Contrapposto, Athens

         Host                                  St Saviour's Pimlico, London

                  We Are (B)one                         Cookhouse Gallery, London

         Excavating Memory                     Cookhouse Gallery, London

         It's a Wee Bit Nippy in Ol'Blighty    Cookhouse Gallery, London

         E3 Presents: Home                     Simmons Bar, London

                  Everything Must Go                    Cookhouse Gallery, London

                 The Third Place                       AVA, Ljubljana, Slovenia 


         Body Language                         Cookhouse Gallery, London

         Blue Shout                            Set Social, London

         A Playground For All                  MP Birla Millennium Art Gallery, London


         Departure Lounge                      Chelsea College of Arts, London

         Degree Show                           Chelsea College of Arts, London

         House                                 Safehouse 1 and 2, London

         BAMS Medal Exhibition                 Central Saint Martins, London 

         PLOT: CLAUDIA RANKINE                 Chelsea Space, London

         Kare                                  The Triangle Gallery, London

2022    Smelly. Dirty. Clean                  Chelsea College of Arts, London

2021    Finding Home                          Tate Britain, London

Published Writing 

2023    Innocent Until Proven Guilty, published in Force Majeure bu UAL Writer's Collective

        The Birth of an Artist, published in Force Majeure by UAL Writer's Collective

        Good Morning Mr Magpie, published in Force Majeure by UAL Writer's Collective

Panel Discussions

2023   International Women's Day with Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges of Arts Subjectivity and Feminisms research group, London


2024  The Sir Frank Bowling Scholarship, London

2023  UAL Home Postgraduate Scholarship, London

2017  Foundation Scholarship for academic excellence at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge


2024  How can Creative Writing become part of your practice? Visiting Lecturer, Chelsea College of Arts, London


2024 Creative Director, Victoria Canal Debut Album release, London/Barcelona/Los Angeles

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